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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting fast, flexible and powerful

We offer - for you to produce your plasma and oxy-fuel cuts - for material thicknesses from 3 mm to 100 mm


The machine has a working area of 2880 mm x 9000 mm

  • cut-outs in dished heads

  • cut-outs in tubes - up to 500 mm

  • Seam preparation for welding bevels - for V or X seams


The attached boring mill can also drill holes and threads directly on the flame cut to save additional work steps and clamping


Contract plasma cutting

  • cutting size 2880 x 9000 mm

  • Pipe cutting device up to D 800 mm length approx. 8000 mm

  • with dished end device up to D 2500 mm

  • Phases cutting in X and Y

  • Boring mill up to D 50 mm

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