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Information about the Company

  • Black plate and stainless steel processing

  • Cutting of sheet metal up to 12 mm thick on 3,000 mm length

  • Edging of sheets up to 12 mm thick on a length of 4,000 mm

  • Rolling of sheets up to 12 mm thick on 3,000 mm length on 3 different types of rollers

  • Fine CNC plasma system with oxy-fuel torch and boring mill for materials up to 100 mm thickness and working area 2880 x 9000 mm

  • Drilling / turning / milling

  • Certified welders for normal and stainless steel with MAG and TIG specialist company according to WhG§ 19, proof of suitability according to DIN 18800, approval as welding specialist company according to EN 3834, EN1090-Ex 3; welding procedure qualifications, HPO approval

  • ASME Certified May 2010 - 2016, U Stamp holder

  • Assembly personnel for worldwide instalation with own tools and equipment

  • High level of craftsmanship helps to master difficult tasks

  • Individual and small series production

  • Excellent quality and adherence to delivery dates are our top priority

Production area: 2,100 sqm on 5,000 sqm land in Germany and 4,800 sqm in Bosnia on 6500 sqm land

Franz Bader


Bernhard Schneider 


Bernhard Schneider  


Bernhard Schneider  


  • 1921 Foundation of the company by Franz Bader in Augsburg

  • 1944 Destruction of the company (II. World War)

  • 1952 Bernhard Schneider sen. takes over the company management

  • 1957 His son, Bernhard Schneider, joins the company as an engineer

  • 1999 Bernhard Schneider jun., graduate engineer for mechanical engineering (process engineering) and industrial engineering, takes over the management of the company

  • 2005 Foundation of the subsidiary Bader Samac d.o.o. in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • 2012 Foundation of the GHP Global Home Project Germany

  • 2014 Foundation of Metallbau Trading Philippines as a representative office of Bader Metallbau GmbH and GHP

  • 2016 Foundation of Bader Metallbau Philippines Inc.

  • 2017 Foundation of Schneider Anlagenbau GmbH

  • 2021 Return to company name Bader. Renaming the Schneider Anlagenbau GmbH in Bader Anlagenbau GmbH

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