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Welcome to
 Anlagenbau GmbH 



Since 1921 we work together for our customers 

  • Our customer orientation is an important part of our company 

  • We are committed to our employees

  • Creativity, highest flexibility, quality and adherence to delivery dates are our goal

Our locations
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Our services
conveyors and mixers // steel construction // separator technology // silos // big bags // pressure vessels and heat exchangers // special machines // plasma cutting // engineering


We are proud to announce that we have developed a new partnership with Eco Resomation.

Eco Resomation is the new, greener alternative to flame cremation and burial. This natural approach uses water instead of flame to reduce the body to fine powder and offers people the choice of a gentler, more environmentally-friendly end of life solution. Families across the world are already choosing this natural process for their departed loved ones.


Bader Anlagenbau GmbH will support Eco Resomation with the construction of their prototypes for Europe and Asia.

For more information view their website

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